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For parents who are raising chronic conflict children and youth.

I am a therapist and mediator specializing in family conflict and life transitions. I am also an adoption specialized author and trainer and I am the mom of 14 wonderful humans (12 joined our family by adoption, 1 joined when we blended our family, and I gave birth to 1). I have a private practice located in Victoria BC and I provide consulting and coaching world wide by phone, Skype and by cybercounselling. Check out my web sites http://www.lifespanmediation.org and http://www.hazardousparenting.com My Youtube videos and my books http://www.amazon.com

Brain Whispering

How self-care for the brain can help parents adapt to the stresses of raising challenging children Target – parents who experience stress from parenting children...

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Grief and loss in Adoption - its not just the kids.

It isn't only the adopted child or youth who experiences loss, in fact, all family members experience grief and loss in the adoption process and...

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Adoption: Emotional Dysregulation in Children, Youth, and You!

early experience robs the child of the capacity to manage his own feelings and decreases the parents’ ability to manage their own tempers and feelings...

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Adoptive Family Identity Formation

adoptive families are not like other families and must learn specific skills to transform their unique relationships and needs Target – parents who want to...

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Inducement in Adoption - How Your Child Gets You So Mad

Many adoptive parents are horrified at the level of anger they experience when they are in conflict with their child. This course discusses how the...

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Adoption transference: Why your kid hates you.

You showed up to be the parent and love your child - yet you're the one she blames for all her bad feelings. This course...

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Post Adoption Depression

You've waited years for this child, and you love her/him with all of your heart - but you find that you are crawling through your...

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The Role of Abandonment in the lives of adopted children & youth

When parents adopt a child from foster care, they soon learn that the child’s behavior is very different than they expected and that typical parenting...

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