Adoption: Emotional Dysregulation in Children, Youth, and You! by Brenda McCreight

Adoption: Emotional Dysregulation in Children, Youth, and You!

Nothing works - you've read every book and tried every method - and still your child rages. What's wrong?


early experience robs the child of the capacity to manage his own feelings and decreases the parents’ ability to manage their own tempers and feelings This course is for parents who find they are confused and angry from the chronic conflict in their family. The brain learns how to regulate the emotional states through parental care but when this is inadequate or irregular, the brain simply doesn’t develop the capacity for a child to manage feelings. The result is that the child creates emotional turmoil and chronic anger. Impact on the family - the emotional dysregulation presented by child means that adoptive parents often find themselves overwhelmed and over stimulated by the resulting chronic conflict. Parents become upset at their own anger and sense of helplessness. Anticipated outcome – a) you will have effective skills to help the child learn to become less reactive to small issues b) you will have the skills to reduce your emotional reactivity to the child’s behaviors

What's included?

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Managing Emotional States and Conflict
Emotional Dysregulation in Adoption Children & Youth
31 mins
Hazardous Parenting: New Realities of Adoption

For parents who are raising chronic conflict children and youth.

I am a therapist and mediator specializing in family conflict and life transitions. I am also an adoption specialized author and trainer and I am the mom of 14 wonderful humans (12 joined our family by adoption, 1 joined when we blended our family, and I gave birth to 1). I have a private practice located in Victoria BC and I provide consulting and coaching world wide by phone, Skype and by cybercounselling. Check out my web sites and My Youtube videos and my books