Adoptive Family Identity Formation by Brenda McCreight

Adoptive Family Identity Formation

It's never going to be the same - and it won't be what you expected!


adoptive families are not like other families and must learn specific skills to transform their unique relationships and needs Target – parents who want to use adoption specific methods to make the transition from genetic to adoptive family. This dynamic is about the way in which the family system transforms emotionally, spiritually, and physically from its pre-adoptive state to one that embraces and reflects the recently placed child and his impact on the family. This transformation has to occur not only the first time a family adopts, but each time a child arrives and gets re-created at each developmental stage. Impact on the family - the family system has to recognize and acknowledge the significant changes that all members experience or the child will be stuck in the outer limits of the family, never really belonging. As well, if the family system resists transforming, then the child’s adjustment behaviors will become increasingly negative and challenging. Anticipated outcome a) the parents will identify the ways in which their family is changing b) the parents will be able to seek support for the changes c) the parents will be able to see this as a transition and transformation rather than a forced impact

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Adoptive Family Formation
Adoptive Family Identity Formation
21 mins
Hazardous Parenting: New Realities of Adoption

For parents who are raising chronic conflict children and youth.

I am a therapist and mediator specializing in family conflict and life transitions. I am also an adoption specialized author and trainer and I am the mom of 14 wonderful humans (12 joined our family by adoption, 1 joined when we blended our family, and I gave birth to 1). I have a private practice located in Victoria BC and I provide consulting and coaching world wide by phone, Skype and by cybercounselling. Check out my web sites and My Youtube videos and my books