Human beings are able to adapt to most of the significant events and challenges presented in life, however, there is little brain capacity to help infants, children & youth adapt or adjust to chronic interruption in parental care or to poor parental care. The subsequent abandonment of adequate parenting leaves the child unable to develop appropriate brain function or to engage in healthy relationships. This section will increase parental understanding and provide effective parenting strategies.
Impact on the family – most of the parents’ attempts to develop a close and nurturing relationship with the child will be well received at times and rejected at times. The lack of predictability in the child’s emotional connection leaves the parents feeling confused, angry, crazy and manipulated. The parents begin to experience failure after failure as each new therapy fails while the child starts to believe that he is not good enough for the parents. The result is conflict and hurt. 
Anticipated outcome – 
a) you will understand how the abandonment experience has altered your child’s view of relationships 
b) you will learn how to step out of the resulting conflict 
c) you will develop expectations for child and yourself that are realistic and achievable. 

The Role of Abandonment in the lives of adopted children & youth

Abandonment is a basic part of the adoption experience for children and youth.

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