Grief and loss in Adoption - its not just the kids. by Brenda McCreight

Grief and loss in Adoption - its not just the kids.


It isn't only the adopted child or youth who experiences loss, in fact, all family members experience grief and loss in the adoption process and not just at the time of the placement, but throughout the growing up years and beyond. This course is for parents who want to deal with the losses so they can let go and move forward with the adoptive relationships Adoptees lose their genetic parents and if they are adopted at an age beyond infancy, then they will have lost foster parents, familiar surroundings, peers and pets, schools. Adoptive parents have also Impact on the family - adoptive parents find that their family does not meet their hopes and dreams and is never going to be like other families. They realize that they are never going to be *normal* ever again.

What's included?

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Grief and loss
Grief, loss & adoption - it doesn't end.
17 mins
Hazardous Parenting: New Realities of Adoption
Grief, loss & adoption
17 mins
Hazardous Parenting

For parents who are raising chronic conflict children and youth.

I am a therapist and mediator specializing in family conflict and life transitions. I am also an adoption specialized author and trainer and I am the mom of 14 wonderful humans (12 joined our family by adoption, 1 joined when we blended our family, and I gave birth to 1). I have a private practice located in Victoria BC and I provide consulting and coaching world wide by phone, Skype and by cybercounselling. Check out my web sites and My Youtube videos and my books