Inducement in Adoption - How Your Child Gets You So Mad by Brenda McCreight

Inducement in Adoption - How Your Child Gets You So Mad

Your child can get you angrier than anyone else, yet you love your child more than anyone else. You can learn why this happens and what you can do about it.


Many adoptive parents are horrified at the level of anger they experience when they are in conflict with their child. This course discusses how the child creates and provokes negative feelings in the parents and what you can do about it. Target – parents who want to stop engaging in senseless arguments with their child Inducement describes the child’s use of verbal non-verbal communication to induce one’s his emotional state into the parent. For example, the child is feeling angry or confused, and so she uses negative behaviors to induce that same feeling in the parent. Impact on the family – for many adoptive parents this can result in their own experience of feeling angrier than they ever knew possible and also emotionally exhausted and desperate. Anticipated outcome – a) you will be able to recognize inducement when it occurs b) you will have strategies to manage your own feelings

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Inducement in adoption - how your child manages to get you so angry - and why.
Adoption and Inducement - how and why your child purposely makes you angry.
18 mins
Hazardous Parenting: New Realities of Adoption

For parents who are raising chronic conflict children and youth.

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