Post Adoption Depression by Brenda McCreight

Post Adoption Depression


You've waited years for this child, and you love her/him with all of your heart - but you find that you are crawling through your days and becoming increasingly isolated. You wonder how you can be depressed when you finally have the child you've been yearning for. This video will help you understand post adoption depression and will give you strategies to move onward and upward.

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Post Adoption Depression
Post Adoption Depression
11 mins
Hazardous Parenting: New Realities of Adoption

For parents who are raising chronic conflict children and youth.

I am a therapist and mediator specializing in family conflict and life transitions. I am also an adoption specialized author and trainer and I am the mom of 14 wonderful humans (12 joined our family by adoption, 1 joined when we blended our family, and I gave birth to 1). I have a private practice located in Victoria BC and I provide consulting and coaching world wide by phone, Skype and by cybercounselling. Check out my web sites and My Youtube videos and my books