The Role of Abandonment in the lives of adopted children & youth by Brenda McCreight

The Role of Abandonment in the lives of adopted children & youth

Abandonment is a basic part of the adoption experience for children and youth.


When parents adopt a child from foster care, they soon learn that the child’s behavior is very different than they expected and that typical parenting skills are not going to work. Parents also learn that the standard child therapies do not reduce the child’s negative or provoking behaviours. This course is designed to help parents understand why the child acts out, why the standard therapies don’t work, and most importantly, why the key issue is that it is the parents, not the child, who will have to do the most changing. This course covers the challenges faced by most adoptive families today. It includes the key issues of abandonment, grief and loss, attachment, the long term impact of pre-natal exposure to toxic substances and early neglect and abuse, as well as strategies to manage the challenges and become a more effective parent. This course will not produce *magical* results and it won’t erase all of the negative experiences nor the way in which these have impacted the child’s capacity to behave and to form relationships. This course will help parents understand why their child behaves as she does, how they can best respond, how to manage their own fears and stresses, and how to form and maintain the healthiest possible family life. The course is useful for parents and professionals at all stages of the adoptive family experience. The course will take about 6 hours to complete and is presented in lectures (with powerpoints) that are divided by topic. At the end of this course, parents will: • have increased skills to enhance the parent/child relationship • be able to choose or create an effective support team • understand why your child’s brain is different than yours • have changed your ways of managing challenging behaviors At the end of this course, professionals will: • have a substantially increased understanding of the unique needs of adoptive families • will have relevant skills to support adoptive families

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Abandonment: – How early abandonment and interruption of parental care impacts the child’s capacity to form future relationships
27 mins
Hazardous Parenting: New Realities of Adoption

For parents who are raising chronic conflict children and youth.

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